Multi-coloured Fidget Cube / Infinity cube stress reliever


These cubes move in all different directions, these are great for relieving those hands that just need to be fiddling with something!

Available in a wide range of different colours.
Price discounted when you add more (of any colour) to basket

Discount when 5 or more items bought5 - 999 £6.65


Multi-coloured Fidget Cube, Infinity Cube, Stress Reliever, Sensory Toy, Fiddle Cube, 3D printed gadget, desk toy, Stocking Filler – whatever you want to call it this is a small gift for all those people who like to have something in their hands. Whether it is while you are on the phone or just sat around, these can keep being folded over and over again going through different layouts until back to the start and then start over.

Research has shown that some people with ADHD can concentrate better if they are fiddling with something  Рwhich is where fidget tools / adult fidget toys like this can help.

3D printed in a variety of colours and made and dispatch from the UK within 1-3 working days.

These multi-coloured versions are available in a selection of colour options (now with 5 colours for Rainbow option).

The longer you fidget with one, the smoother the hinges become as they wear in.

Dimensions: L 65mm x W 35mm H 12mm when laid flat and 35mm x 35mm x 35mm when folded in a cube.

*While care is taken on ensuring a great quality product is produced for you, small imperfections can sometimes be seen as a result of the 3D printing process.

A Little Bit About the Plastic we use – is it bad for the environment?
We use PLA filament (PolyLactic Acid) or PLA+ for all our items.
This is different to most thermoplastic polymers because it is made from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane.
It is a biomass plastic which is also biodegradable and recyclable and is considered food safe.
So overall much better for the environment than most other plastics used in 3D printing or in packaging. We also use solar panels to help power our 3D printer (when British weather allows!) and send the orders out in boxes and padding that can be recycled.


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