Personalised Giraffe bookmark


Giraffe themed personalised bookmarks – ideal gifts for kids to encourage reading.
Select the colour of the bookmark (the giraffe colours will be as shown in the photos and the writing will be in white)

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These giraffe themed personalised bookmarks are an ideal small gift for animal lovers or for kids party bags!
They are custom made using 3D printing and can have any name in a variety of choices of background colours to make them personal.

These measure approximately 4cm wide, 17cm long and 4mm thick.

When ordering please advise of the name you would like (max 12 characters) and chose the colour from the sample picture of the colours available, the giraffe and writing colours will be as shown in the photos. ****Please note colour changing plastics are heat sensitive. They change colour with a change of temperature for example after being held in your hands or being out in the sun. They will not change colour without the change in heat. ***The glow in the dark colours will need to be ‘charged’ in light before glowing blue in the dark.***

*Please note as with any handmade item, there is scope for minor imperfections and differences between similar items.

A Little Bit About the Plastic we use – is it bad for the environment?
We use PLA filament (PolyLactic Acid) or PLA+ for all our items.
This is different to most thermoplastic polymers because it is made from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane.
It is a biomass plastic which is also biodegradable and recyclable and is considered food safe.
So overall much better for the environment than most other plastics used in 3D printing or in packaging. We also use solar panels to help power our 3D printer (when British weather allows!) and send the orders out in boxes and padding that can be recycled.


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